Computer Science Quake 3 code review Computer vision

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HTML5 Flames with shadows SIP client suitable for mobile

CSS3 Star Wars scrolling text by Craig Buckler. Huge collection of CSS examples Photoshop plugin that converts layers to CSS3 CSS shapes Breaking Bad logo with smoke in css/javascript etc 3D CSS dropdowns (looks like window blinds)

Bin Packing

Javascript Timeline slider


Python Is a python module that allows your python scripts to read and write metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP, thumbnails) embedded in image files (JPEG, TIFF, ...). Computer vision expert and his book Extended class for fancier log labels Shows how to use base2

OS X Server Sven's notes on Time Machine

iPhone, iPad, iPod Economics of IOS programming IOS Fragmentation Objective-C framework 'Mantle'


Other Baseline Linux security for compliance,eix,sre,emr,k,syy,vmc,wmt,wm,jnj,cl,xom,abmd,HLCS

[4]. PDF "Compressing and focusing a short laser pulse by a thin plasma lens", Phys. Rev. E, 026411 (2001). Playing with microwaves. E&M field in microwave oven is analyzed.

Computer Security

Maths A first course in linear algebra. DSP and music Olde FORTRAN math codes A new approach to linear systems



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Thermoelectric Generators